Hardened Networking for Intelligent Traffic Systems

Transportation Management Webinars September 27, 2011
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IP technology has made it possible to dramatically improve the efficiency, effectiveness and scope of traffic systems management. This webinar offers a brief overview of the capabilities of IP networking in traffic control, the performance and cost reasons for specifying hardened equipment, and case studies of implementations that have changed the way DOTs manage their transportation data.



Steve Bowles represents GarrettCom in the Southeastern United States. Headquartered near Atlanta, he has been heavily involved with DOTs and local governments, assisting in network design and support related to traffic intersection connectivity and camera systems along the interstates over the last seven years. He is active with Florida ITS and GA ITS groups, and has provided industrial network training and support to engineering and operations teams throughout the Southeast.


WEBINAR: Hardened Networking for Intelligent Traffic Systems 

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