Geosynthetic reinforcement grid

February 06, 2013
Tensar Biaxial (BX) Geogrid
Tensar Biaxial (BX) Geogrid

Tensar Biaxial (BX) Geogrid was the first commercially available geosynthetic reinforcement grid for civil engineering applications. This innovative technology has allowed owners, engineers and contractors to realize the primary features associated with geogrid in both paved and unpaved applications,  which includes:

• Optimizing the thickness of pavement components;

• Extension of pavement service life; and

• Stabilization of soft ground conditions.

Tensar has re-engineered the geogrid structure by creating a new product specifically designed for trafficked surfaces – Tensar TriAx Geogrid.

With its unique triangular structure, TriAx Geogrid represents an advancement in geogrid technology. Its multi-directional properties leverage the triangular geometry, one of construction’s most stable shapes, to provide a new level of in-plane stiffness.


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