Georgia DOT technology event to showcase transportation innovations

More than 20 companies are participating in the first-of-its-kind event

January 17, 2020
transportation technology showcase Georgia

The Georgia DOT (GDOT) announced this week that more than 20 companies are participating in a Transportation Technology Showcase on Tuesday, Jan. 21, in downtown Atlanta.

The program, the first of its kind, is sponsored by the Intelligent Transportation Society of Georgia (ITS) and Georgia Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE).

Industry executives as well as Georgia legislators and invited guests will preview hands-on demonstrations on topics including connected vehicles; safety initiatives for the future; traffic management center (TMC) operations; public service such as roadside assistance, 9-1-1 support and weather safety; and data science collection among other things.

These demonstrations bring together public and private partners offering scalable solutions that can have an impact on improving roadway safety and achieving better mobility within the state of Georgia and beyond.

Highlights of the event will include a complete mini-transportation management center (TMC); a chance to experience connected vehicle and traffic signal phase and timing in action; a demonstration of the latest in pedestrian safety with a simulated pedestrian crosswalk; a demonstration of how transit signal priority works on a MARTA bus; and a demonstration on how technology can identify and quickly locate motorists in distress.

While not every exhibitor’s transportation solutions will find their way to Georgia roads, GDOT says they all are exemplary of the department’s commitment to embrace new technologies for the betterment of the state.



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