Georgia city begins public testing of X2X communications app

The TravelSafely app is designed to improve traffic flow for first responders as well as to make drivers, cyclists and pedestrians more visible to each other

March 01, 2018
X2X communications

The city of Marietta, Ga., has entered the deployment and public testing phase of the TravelSafely smartphone app that offers smart city services through everything-to-everything (X2X) communications.

Now available to citizens using mobile devices, the Marietta TravelSafely app is designed to save lives and improve traffic flow by reducing first responder response times and making drivers, cyclists and pedestrians more visible to each other.

In its current format, TravelSafely connects first responders, school warning beacons, driver feedback signs, traffic-control equipment and anonymous smartphones using the app to create a connected network. Not only will first responders in Marietta automatically be given green lights at pre-cleared intersections to provide a safer route and shorten response time, but app users along the route of the first responder vehicle will also be warned of its approach and direction of travel.

Using the app, vehicles will be notified when they are in a school zone, when the beacons are active, and be given a warning if they exceed the school-zone speed limit by 10mph. Vehicles approaching any of the city’s 120 traffic signal-controlled intersections will communicate with roadside equipment so drivers can adapt to traffic flow.

Another feature of the app notifies drivers about the presence of cyclists and pedestrians ahead, who in turn will be warned if a vehicle is approaching at an unsafe speed. Anyone driving, cycling or walking in the city can use the app, which will automatically work within the city’s 23-sq.-mile area.


Source: Traffic Technology Today