The future of compaction is at bauma 2007

News Various January 19, 2007
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It was not until the invention of a “vibration machine for ground compacting” in the 1930s that dynamic compacting could be used in the construction sector. Over the following decades, all product groups based on purely mechanical processes saw many changes and improvements. The largest transformations, however, have taken place in the last 15 years. Electronics conquered this sector, bringing along new measuring technology and control systems. These will be featured at bauma 2007, April 23-29, in Munich, Germany. Bauma 2007 is the international trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment.

The 28th bauma will allow exhibitors to present their high-quality products, with one of the key topics being the achievement of uniform compaction. New products launched in Munich also will reflect requirements on all construction machinery regarding ergonomic design as well as exhaust and noise emissions.

The is one decisive question road-building contractors have been asking themselves since the birth of compaction in the ’30s: “Has this track or foundation been compacted enough to exclude any signs of settling in the future?” So far the only way to find out was to apply complex measuring techniques. But despite requiring a huge amount of work, the outcome was limited to the measurement points. Today, a computerized compactometer integrated in modern rollers monitors the vibration behavior of the vibrating tapes via acceleration sensors and supplies the operator with exact data.

Further technical enhancements will be presented at bauma 2007. For more information, please visit

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