Illinois is Investing $40 Billion for Transportation Projects

July 10, 2023
This is the largest construction project in the history of the Prairie State

Illinois will be upgrading all forms of transportation over the next several years thanks to funding.

Governor JB Pritzker says over $40 billion dollars will be invested in improving all modes of transportation, calling it the largest construction project in the history of the Prairie State.

The announcement was made Friday morning by Gov. Pritzker, Illinois' Secretary of Transportation, and members of the general assembly.

According to officials, the program is a “blueprint to improve roads, bridges, transit, rail, airports, waters, bike and pedestrian accommodations over the next six years.”

The fiscal year 2023 Annual Highway Improvement Program totals nearly four billion dollars and will be much larger than years past based on information from the state. Officials expect improvements to 900 highway miles, 162 bridges, and safety and traffic improvements to over 60 locations.

Chicago alone will see improvement projects which will cost $30 million.

According to Pritzker, the projects will benefit Illinois for years to come.

“You truly cannot drive, bike or walk anywhere throughout the Prairie State without seeing or feeling the impact of rebuild Illinois,” he said.

“Because of the poor condition of our state’s infrastructure, it’s going to take a lot of time to get us where we need to be. But the last four years are a great start,” Senator Steve McClure said.

Along with improving Illinois' transportation, these projects will help boost the state's economy.

A portion of the funds will go towards local governments.