Detroit Funding $95 Million for Repaving Roads and Replacing Sidewalks

May 12, 2023
The work will begin this year, and create jobs for Detroiters

Detroit has big plans to revamp the city. On Thursday, a $95 million plan was unveiled that included repaving 81 miles of road, create new cityscapes, and replace 70,000 damaged sidewalk segments.

The work is expected to start this year, and will help create jobs for residents in the area.

The Department of Public Works plans to repave 41 miles of residential streets and 40 miles of major roads, as well as create or complete new streetscapes along the Dexter, East Warren, West Warren, and Rosa Parks Boulevard corridors.

Funding for the projects will come from a combination of federal and state transportation funds, as well as road bonds.

“We are committed to improving the quality of life and creating opportunity for our citizens,” DPW Director Ron Brundidge said. “In addition to providing needed road and sidewalk repairs, we are also requiring that 51% of the work be done by Detroiters so our residents can take part in the opportunities created through our infrastructure improvement projects.”

In an attempt to attract more businesses to the area, new streetscapes are planned which includes new street lighting, landscaping, street furniture, and road and bike lane improvements.

A major part of the plan is replacing sidewalks. The City of Detroit usually spends approximately $4.5 million a year replacing broken sidewalks. This year, $25 million has been earmarked for sidewalk improvements.

Sidewalk repairs will mostly take place near schools, churches, parks, road resurfacing projects, commercial corridors, and areas requested by neighborhood block clubs, senior citizens, and residents with disabilities.

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