FUNDING: New York DOT gets 5 years of funding for capital program under new state budget

Funding includes the launch of three new programs as well as capitol improvements of highways, bridges, rail, and more.

Funding News Better Roads News April 20, 2016
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Funding includes the launch of three new programs as well as capitol improvements of highways, bridges, rail, and more.

NYDOT is getting $27.14 billion across fiscal years 2016-2020 for capital improvements under the recent 2016-2017 state budget agreement.


Of this total, $21.1 billion is for capital improvements of highways, bridges, rail, aviation infrastructure, transit (other than Metropolitan Transit Authority programs) and NYDOT facilities across the state.


These capital improvements also include the launch of three programs, including BRIDGE NY, PAVE NY and the Extreme Weather Infrastructure Hardening Program.


BRIDGE NY and PAVE NY allocate $1 billion each across five years to “replace, rehabilitate, pave and maintain state and local bridges and roads. The Extreme Weather Infrastructure Hardening Program will receive $500 million for “investments in roadways across the state susceptible to flooding and other extreme weather related events.”


The plan includes $4 billion for capital investment for a sixth year, as well as $2 billion in Thruway Stabilization funding. The latter funds capital improvements on the entire Thruway system and the New NY Bridge, which will allow for tolls to be frozen until 2020.


This is the largest transportation plan in the state’s history. An additional $27.98 billion is being allocated for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) programs, including $26.6 billion for New York City Transit Authority capital facilities, Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad and MTA Bus. 

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