FUNDING: Fate of new projects in Wash. depends on new funding proposal

Measure would increase state gas tax 10 cents a gallon, but support not certain

Funding News The Oregonian April 05, 2013
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The lack of new dollars means the state of Washington will see little change in its transportation project schedule.


Work currently under way will continue, and maintenance also will be carried out, but a hold has been placed on new construction until the state legislature can work out a new funding package. The one currently floating around the House and Senate involves a 10-cent increase in the state gas tax, a new car tab fee and $3 billion in bonds. However, support might not be enough to make it official.


“We are moving forward with a budget that will keep current promises, but the next budget will look much grimmer if we don’t take action,” Rep. Marko Liias told The Oregonian.


On April 4, the state House of Representatives followed the Senate’s $8.7 billion transportation spending proposal with one that calls for $8.4 billion.


The fate of new projects, like the Columbia River Crossing, still hangs in the balance. Washington is responsible for $450 million of the total cost of $3.4 billion for the span. The House budget did allocate $49.7 million for the CRC, but most of that money comes from leftover federal funds.

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