FUNDING: Anthony Foxx calls for bigger public outcry for transpo funding

Citizens should get “noisier” with their members of Congress, the transportation secretary said in a virtual town hall meeting

Funding News U.S. DOT August 07, 2014
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Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx addressed the nation yesterday in a virtual town hall meeting.
“While I certainly appreciated the opportunity to make the case for a long-term transportation bill that truly funds our nation's needs and provides states, counties and cities the certainty they need to plan for their future, I was even more grateful to see the steady stream of more than 300 questions pouring in from the town hall website, e-mail and Twitter,” he wrote in his Fast Lane blog. “That tells me that Americans are engaged in this issue, an issue that touches their everyday lives, their families, their jobs and their businesses.
“So, now what?” he continued. “Well, now we do the heavy lifting. Now we get a little noisier.”
Foxx called on citizens to communicate their interest in transportation issues to their friends, family, co-workers and members of Congress.
“Here's how you can help,” Foxx wrote. “You can let your members of Congress know that this is what their constituents want. You can give them permission to do the right thing.”

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