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ROADS & BRIDGES’ 12-part series on construction equipment: Enhancing your construction operation with new equipment

Tim Gregorski / December 28, 2000

Contractors approach their jobs with a commitment to quality, a prototype for the construction industry today. Maintaining this commitment can be an arduous task when equipment either fails or is simply outdated.

As many contractors and equipment owners know, a healthy fleet of equipment is vital to running an operation.

In a 12-part series on construction equipment, which features dump trailers and haulers this month, ROADS & BRIDGES’ Equipment Compendium will provide an in-depth look at a particular type of equipment and the various manufacturer’s of that equipment.

The goal of this series is to explore the construction equipment industry’s diverse offerings while providing insight on an industry, which is rapidly changing through advances in technology.

Heil Co.

The Olympian, from the Heil Co., Chattanooga, Tenn., can legally haul a 26-ton payload in a dump box that is only 21-1/2 to 26 ft long. The shorter dump box allows for maneuverability in tight quarters and stability when raised for dumping.

According to Heil Co., the trailer’s patented design offers features that are uncommon. The frame of both the dump box underbody and the trailer fan outward from the rear. The front frame is a standard 34-in. wide and increases to 60-in. wide in the rear. The wide rear stance provides for improved safety while traveling and dumping.

Additionally, the widened wheel track and suspension enhance the stability of the trailer. There are three axles on an air suspension in addition to the wide-base single tires.

The front height of the trailer is 118 in. and the dump box is 20-22 yd with 42-in. sides, plus extension boards. The body is tipped to a 50 degree angle by an 8-in., five-stage Hyco cylinder with a 190-in. stroke.

The Olympian was tested and proven in the southeast U.S. and currently there are several units in operation in Georgia. Although the trailer is being marketed throughout the country, the trailer is not suited for states such as California, Florida and some midwestern states due to state bridge law regulations, according to the company.

Landoll Corp.

The Landoll Ultralite, manufactured by Landoll Corp., Marysville, Kan., features the AR90 Neway air ride suspension system as an option. According to the manufacturer, the air ride suspension system provides better weight distribution between axles when loaded. Additionally, it allows for a smoother ride, offering comfort for the driver while decreasing the amount of stress maintenance due to the common requirement of pulling the trailer empty. The air ride option is available on the Ultralite 302D and 305D model trailers.

Ranco Manufacturing Co.

The Anvil dump trailer, manufactured by Ranco Manufacturing Co., Lamar, Colo., is available with two options that provide for increased hauling capacity. Users now have the option of a longer 38-ft length trailer or the standard 34-ft length. In most states, the 38-ft length allows for an 80,000-lb capacity while still meeting bridge law regulations.

The other new capacity-increasing option available is the choice of having 54-in. sides rather than the standard 45-in. sides. The 54-in. sides provide the hauler with the ability to haul a total capacity of 32 cu yd on the 34-ft. trailer.

According to the company, when the hauler has 54-in. sides and is 38-ft long, its total capacity is 36 cu yd as opposed to the standard model hauler that is 34-ft long with 45-in. sides which has a hauling capacity of 26 cu yd.

Redi-Haul Trailers Inc.

Based in Fairmont, Minn., Redi-Haul hydraulic dump trailers are available in four models which offer either a 14-ft or 16-ft box lengths and 8- or 9-ton capacities. The trailer’s offer double acting scissor-type hoists in addition to the 2-ft tongue, a groove-treated floor and 40-in. high steel sides, according to the company.

Red River Manufacturing

The bottom-dump trailers from Red River Manufacturing, West Fargo, N.D., carry 24- to 30-ton payloads of aggregate and hot-mix asphalt. High-tensile, lightweight steel sidewalls allow the trailer to carry a maximum load while the heavy-duty steel frame provides a long lifespan, according to the manufacturer.

The loads of material discharge from a clam that opens below the trailer. The clam also can be controlled in infinite degrees, therefore, it is ideal for windrow paving. Controls are mounted outside the trailer, as well as in the cab. Its cylinders are mounted on the exterior, offering easy access for service.

The trailer’s sloping sidewalls and endwalls channel loads down and out for fast, clean discharge. At 11 ft, the long clam opening also helps ensure that the trailer can be completely emptied of material.

Trail King Industries Inc.

The TKBDU-series lightweight bottom dump trailers, manufactured by Trail King, Mitchell, S. D., are engineered to provide both maximum strength and trailer weight savings. The trailer is manufactured using combination 100,000/80,000 psi high-strength steel in a one-piece, web-gusset design. Because of this design, more payload can be carried due to the trailer’s weight savings.

The trailer offers seven different gate openings that, when combined with nearly vertical hopper side walls, allow for complete dumping of all materials.

According to the manufacturer, newly designed crossbracing and gussets are engineered to minimize cracking in critical stress areas which can occur as a result of twisting or flexing of the frame.

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