FDOT gives Pensacola Bay Bridge repair update

The bridge was severely damaged by Hurricane Sally

October 02, 2020 / 1 minute
Image: Florida DOT

The Florida DOT has posted a video in which it offers an update on repairs to the damaged Pensacola Bay Bridge. 

FDOT is assessing and inspecting damage to the Pensacola Bay Bridge due to Hurricane Sally. This overview of the bridge highlights the individual components FDOT inspectors are investigating.

According to a report by local news affiliate WKRG, to date, FDOT divers have inspected 202 underwater footings while top side inspection teams have assessed 105 spans, 202 piers and 525 beams; the number of spans requiring full replacement remains at five and FDOT has identified an additional two that will require partial replacement; and FDOT will have to replace a number of beams and is still determining the specific number needing replacement.

The video can be viewed on FDOT's website.

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