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Fort Wayne, IN 46809


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8825 Aviation Drive
Fort Wayne, IN 46809
United States

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Tuthill Corp. is a diversified global manufacturing company, developing and supplying industrial products for value-minded customers in more than 150 regions. The Fort Wayne, Ind., manufacturing facility builds Fill-Rite, Tuthill and Sotera-branded fuel transfer and chemical pumps, meters and accessories. These brands are recognized internationally for quality and performance.


Tuthill PS TT10

In-line digital turbine meters

Feb. 20, 2017
Accurate to 1%, the TT10 turbine meter offers accuracy, ease of use and safety. It has factory presets for 18 fluids and UL listing on the entire meter – not just the electronics...
Tuthill PS RD

Fuel transfer pumps

Feb. 1, 2017
The Fill-Rite RD Series is the only portable, UL-listed, DC-powered transfer pump for use with gasoline and other fuels. Two models deliver fluids at up to 8 or 12 gpm and may...
Tuthill PS DC

DC fuel transfer pumps

Jan. 18, 2017
Tuthill’s versatile line of DC fuel transfer pumps is available with flows ranging from 8 to 25 gpm. UL-listed motors assure safety and dependability, and the company offers models...
Tuthill PS AC

AC fuel transfer pumps

Jan. 4, 2017
Fill-Rite produces AC fuel transfer pumps that deliver strong performance in demanding applications. From the 15-gpm 600 Series pumps to the 300 Series with up to 35 gpm, there...
Tuthill PS Transfer Meters

Fuel & chemical transfer meters

Dec. 21, 2016
Fill-Rite offers a full line of meters for measuring what you pump. This includes three- or four-wheel mechanical meters, digital meters with or without pulse output for your ...
Tuthill PS Cabinet

Cabinet pumps & meters

Dec. 7, 2016
Fill-Rite's full line of meter and pump cabinets are for use with above- or belowground storage tanks. They provide accuracy and reliability in a compact design. These systems...
Tuthill PS Hand

Hand fuel transfer pumps

Nov. 23, 2016
Fill-Rite hand pumps deliver fluids quickly and easily. Whether you are transferring gasoline, oil or diesel, select from a variety of the company’s hand pumps. Rotary or piston...

Transfer pump

July 26, 2016
The Fill-Rite RD Series is a portable, UL-listed, DC-powered transfer pump for use with gasoline and other fuels. Two models deliver fluids at up to 8 or 12 GPM and may be foot...