EQUIPMENT FOCUS: Smart trucks, swift sweepers

Aug. 5, 2011

Like everything else these days, trucks are becoming smarter, with more built-in electronic features to take some of the guesswork out of operation or deliver real-time information to the operator.


Like everything else these days, trucks are becoming smarter, with more built-in electronic features to take some of the guesswork out of operation or deliver real-time information to the operator.

Caterpillar’s B-Series trucks offer a fully customizable display that can deliver fuel levels, load count, major component temperature and more. John Deere’s 460E has an onboard scale to weigh payload during operation. The Komatsu HM300-3 comes with technology that sends machine operating information such as daily fuel consumption, location and maintenance alerts to a website via a wireless connection.

Street sweepers are more diverse as well and are now engineered to clean specific sites or sweep certain materials.

Elgin’s Crosswind is custom-built to clean airport runways and gates during any season, right down to cleaning up deicing fluid runoff during winter months. The Vacall models can pick up anything from leaves to sand and gravel to heavy debris. The Python S3000 can clean heavy debris like asphalt millings and was designed for fast pickup with an elevator that gets refuse into the hopper quickly.

Driver comfort

Navistar’s International WorkStar line of severe-service trucks has a variety of new features, including an all-new high-visibility sloped hood option to provide best-in-class visibility for the driver. In addition, a strong vocational “mega-bracket” design supports the radiator and front end. The line features heavy-duty 150,000-lb tow hooks, and a 113-in. BBC allows maximum maneuverability on the work site. The line also includes a completely refined interior with ergonomic enhancements and improved driver comfort features, such as hands-on steering wheel controls for enhanced driver safety.


Built to reliably handle a 46-ton payload, John Deere’s 460E offers productivity-enhancing features like an onboard payload scale that delivers real-time data. A new John Deere 13.5-L, IT4-certified diesel engine and Deere-manufactured axles help round out the powerful package. High-strength, lightweight materials provide the excellent payload-to-weight ratios and hauling efficiencies. The traction controls have been automated to take the guesswork out of when to use the differential locks to simplify operation. An integrated tire-pressure monitoring system helps maximize tire life and fuel efficiency.

Ready to perform

Freightliner’s new 114SD severe-duty mixer platform is ready to tackle the most demanding jobs with a DD13 engine with up to 450 hp and 1,650 lb-ft torque. A 45° wheel cut and best-in-class visibility give it the maneuverability to move around even tight jobsites. The mixer features key weight-saving components and flexibility in spec’ing to maximize payload. Factory chassis layout and warranty make up-fit easy for truck equipment manufacturers. The ergonomically designed driver’s area features an automotive-style dash, easy-to-read LED-backlit gauges and controls within easy reach.

Control and comfort

Caterpillar’s next generation of articulated trucks includes the 740B EJ with popular ejector body, carrying a 42-ton payload. The combination of increased engine power, improved transmission and proportional automatic traction control (ATC) results in improvements in machine and operator efficiency, cutting cycle times and boosting productivity. Smoother gear changing also improves overall operator satisfaction and comfort throughout the working shift. The truck offers an ideal working environment as well: The redesigned instrument cluster gives the operator all possible information.

Truck with technology

Komatsu’s HM300-3 articulated truck is powered by a Komatsu SAA6D125E-6 engine and is EPA Tier IV Interim and EU Stage 3B emission-certified. The HM300-3 is equipped with the latest Komtrax technology, which sends machine operating information to a secure website utilizing wireless technology. Data such as daily fuel consumption, machine utilization, operating hours, location, cautions and maintenance alerts are relayed to the web application for analysis. Komtrax increases machine availability, reduces the risk of machine theft and allows for remote diagnosis by the distributor.

Power, stability, traction

The Doosan Moxy MT41 articulated dump truck is powered by a 444-hp, Tier III-compliant Scania diesel engine that provides a class-leading power-to-weight ratio of 6.38 hp per ton. It has a payload capacity of 82,010 lb. Permanent six-wheel drive provides outstanding traction in rough terrain. The free-swinging rear tandem bogie allows the rear wheels to maintain ground contact at all times. The sloping body ensures a low center of gravity and excellent weight distribution, providing fast and easy tipping for increased productivity.

Power and performance

F-Series haulers have new electronically controlled, six-cylinder, turbocharged Volvo V-ACT diesel engines featuring high torque at low engine speeds. This results in good fuel efficiency, high performance, quicker engine response and less wear. The F-Series is fitted with four “dog clutch” differential locks. When applied in combination, they ensure all wheels rotate at the same speed, maximizing traction. The cab features large rear-view mirrors, a wide front windshield and a full-length glass door. A spacious, climate-controlled interior and easy-to-handle controls make the new F-Series a low-stress environment.

25 years of excellence

The Kenworth T800 celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and remains the company’s top seller in vocational markets. It can be configured as line-haul tractors with day cabs or small to large sleepers; vocational trucks such as mixers, dump trucks and heavy haulers; tankers and even snowplows. The sloped hood allows exceptional visibility and aerodynamics, while the set-back front axle gives a tight wheel cut for greater maneuverability. It can be spec’d with engines rated with a wide horsepower range, and has a variety of rear-axle ratings to meet specific customer application requirements.

Ready to work

Caterpillar’s Cat CT660 is the first model in a full line of Class 8 vocational trucks designed to work in any application requiring a heavy-duty truck. Engine options provide horsepower ratings from 330 to 550 and peak torque ratings from 1,450 to 1,850 lb-ft. The engines are designed specifically for vocational applications, yielding optimum horsepower/torque combinations, while providing the flexibility to match power and performance to specific applications. The new engines also are designed for fast routine service with easy access to components from the valve cover to filters.


Something for everyone

The Python S3000 is certainly powerful. It picks up a lot of debris—including millings left from road construction—and its durable, low-maintenance elevator puts it into the hopper faster. Operators will appreciate its comfort, maneuverability and visibility. Owners will appreciate its low operating and maintenance costs and for the way it retains its value. This highly efficient sweeper is the contractor’s choice and perfect for small cities.

Sweep soundly

The Tymco Model 600 engineered and manufactured compressed natural-gas (CNG) sweeper is designed to give maximum fuel capacity on the shortest wheelbase available for maneuverability. The user-friendly CNG fuel-storage system, with quick access for fueling, system shutoff valves and pressure reading, makes the operator’s job both easier and safer. The large-capacity CNG fuel-storage cylinders are enclosed for protection.

Cleans the runways

The Crosswind GRS from Elgin Sweeper, a high-performance regenerative air sweeper, is ideal for efficient sweeping and removal of debris and environmentally damaging glycol and other deicing fluid runoff on airport runways and gate locations before the runoff migrates into the ecosystem. The model requires no modifications when switching from sweeping debris from runways and taxiways throughout the year to glycol removal in snow and ice conditions. Specially designed baffles installed in the hopper help reduce liquid slosh without impeding sweeping or dumping operations.

Sweeper sorcery

Elgin Sweeper’s Road Wizard mechanical sweeper features an improved design and a choice of chassis: Freightliner, UD, International, conventional or cab-over. The new design features improved styling, an improved spray-system water pump, more efficient hydraulics, a more robust sweeper, lift and hopper frame, and improved service access. The sweeper is powered by a liquid-cooled, low-emission Tier IVi engine that provides variable control over sweeper speeds with no effect on truck speed.

Model Galaxy

Stewart-Amos manufactures a full line of both regenerative air and mechanical broom sweepers for the construction, industrial and municipal markets. The two models of regenerative air sweepers are the Galaxy R-4 and Galaxy R-6. The R-4 is a 4-cu-yd debris hopper with high-pivot dumping. The R-6 features a 6-cu-yd debris hopper. Both air sweepers incorporate excellent airflow for maximum sweeping performance and are mounted on a non-CDL-class chassis.

Star sweepers

The three main broom products of Stewart-Amos Sweeper Co. are the Starfire S-4, Starfire S-5 and Starfire S-6 models. The S-4 is a 4-cu-yd-capacity midsize twin-engine sweeper mounted on a 19,500-lb gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) chassis that does not require the operator to have a CDL. The S-5 is a large 5-cu-yd sweeper for mounting on a cab-over or conventional 25,950-lb GVWR or a 33,000-lb GVWR chassis. The S-6 is a high-production sweeper featuring a 6-cu-yd debris hopper, a 12-ft-wide sweeping path and a 350-gal water-tank capacity.

Vacuum force

Vacall’s new AllSweep models are designed for exceptional performance, superior durability and greater operating efficiency, including some of the advantages introduced this year on models used for sewer cleaning and hydroexcavation. A newly redesigned debris body is designed to take a beating, even on tough venue cleaning jobs. The new hydraulic tailgate design will make the dumping process faster and easier. Operators will also appreciate a new, highly intelligent control system to accomplish more work with greater efficiency.

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