Jobsite versatility

Jan. 13, 2011

From milling the work site to delivering the concrete mix and laying it down, the newest lineup of concrete equipment features numerous advancements and innovations to meet operator demands.


From milling the work site to delivering the concrete mix and laying it down, the newest lineup of concrete equipment features numerous advancements and innovations to meet operator demands.

Equipment such as the FFC Cold Planer make operators more efficient by automatically clearing the site of milled material and virtually eliminating the remilling process. The Zim-Mixer pumps out more concrete per hour, and Terex has the industry’s first EPA 2010-compliant front-discharge mixer truck. Pavers now go wider, are more maneuverable and much more versatile. And one of the most innovative new products is a wireless dowel drill unit that automatically ensures proper hole depth and lets the operator walk alongside the machine.

Overall, products are tailored to work in a wider variety of conditions and perform a more diverse array of jobs. Some can even be custom-designed for the individual customer, depending on the job required.

High torque

Husqvarna’s FS 9900 flat saw is equipped to handle any job, especially those that require deep cutting or high production rates. The patented power transmission system transmits more power to the blade shaft (90 hp) with optimum torque than other saws in its class. It features a fifth-wheel option that helps raise and lower the rear of the saw, making it easier for the operator to pivot right or left. This feature is particularly helpful when lining up a cut.

Wide paver

The new SP 25 concrete slipform paver, from Wirtgen America, paves 12 ft wide and places barrier or parapet up to 6.5 ft. Operators can also quickly change to left or right side pouring while on-site. The modular design allows for a wide array of applications with either three or four tracks. Additionally, the SP 25 features an Eco mode that matches engine rpm to power requirements, saving fuel and reducing emissions.

Power mixer

The Champion Silo Mixers, by Stone Construction Equipment, are ideal for jobs where mortar, grout, plaster and color mixes are supplied in pre-blended bags. The SM1200 and SM2000 have capacities of 12 and 20 cu ft, respectively, and feature adjustable legs. No outriggers are required, and bidrectional fork pockets allow the mixers to be picked and placed by a variety of lifts. The Power Blend system, with its triple-8 mixing action, provides a smooth, uniform mix, even with large batches.

Cut it close

The FFC Cold Planer maximizes performance while reducing horsepower requirements. It attaches to skid-steer loaders and can mill down frost heaves, concrete joints and full-depth utility cuts. A V-shaped pick pattern on the drum helps clear the work area of milled material. Four teeth are mounted on the outside edges to accommodate the highest wear areas. A 24-in. left or right side-shift feature also allows cutting next to curbs and other obstacles. Several motor options make the FFC Cold Planer ideal for skid steers with 13- to 45-gpm hydraulic flows.

Many advantages

Terex’s SF3500C Series of concrete slipform pavers are perfect for highway, industrial and airport paving. The main frame is 30% larger than the nearest competitor’s, and its 26-in. main-frame tubing offers improved structural rigidity. A single telescoping side also virtually eliminates deflection paving. Vibration manifold mounting is attached directly to the paving kit and reduces the total vibrator hose length by nearly 500 ft. A dual-range propel system allows the SF3500C to pave up to 35 ft/min. Operators will also appreciate the ability to freely move along the “no-clutter” deck.

Smooth operator

Allen Engineering has expanded their wet screed equipment line with the E-Screed, by Magic Screed. The lightweight wet screed is battery-powered and designed for single operator strike-off of concrete. It provides high-frequency, uniform vibration distribution along the entire blade length, which enhances the structural integrity of the concrete through consolidation. The LiFePO4 lithium iron phosphate 36-volt battery delivers power throughout its more than 1,500 lifecycles. The battery also is maintenance-free and can be charged at any time.

EPA 2010-compliant

Terex’s FDB6000 is the market’s first and only front-discharge mixer truck with an EPA 2010-compliant diesel engine. The 425-hp Cummins engine also produces 1,550 ft-lb of torque. An electronic control system automatically detects whether the truck is carrying a load of concrete and adjusts shifting accordingly, providing better performance and mileage. Sensitive systems, such as the hose heat fuse, hydraulic tag fuse and DEF hose relay, are all housed in their own sealed compartment. This enhances longevity and offers easier access.


The Zim-Mixer volumetric concrete mixer features a high production rate of 60 cu yd/hour, and is available in capacity sizes ranging from 4 to 14 cu yd. It also can be custom-designed to meet the customer’s specifications. The Zim-Mixer features a dual chain material feed system that can run materials independently and provides the lowest maintenance costs in the industry. It also meets ASTM C685 and VMMB standards.

Flexible molding

Although originally designed for curb-and-gutter work, the Power Curber 5700-C also can work in sidewalk, barrier wall and pathway paving up to 3.5 meters wide. Mold or form changes allow the machine to pour step barriers, variable barriers and U-shaped ditches. The hydraulically controlled mold offset also allows tremendous flexibility. Sideshift and vertical adjustment lets the operator pour below grade, avoid concrete drains and lift off steel at the end of a run. The 5700-C has a turning radius of less than 1 meter, and the machine can be easily converted to a right-side pour.

Wireless control

Minnich’s new A-5SCW wireless dowel drill unit lets the operator step off the drill and stand away from the noise, heat and dust of the drill and compressor. By standing in the grade, the operator is in better position to align the machine for the next hole locations. Magnetic sensors tell the unit when the desired hole depth is achieved, and a crab steering feature automatically ensures that the wheels stay tight against the face of the slab. The wireless unit also increases production, since operators do not need to raise and lower the bed between each hole location.

User friendly

The 6036 Bridge Deck Finisher from Allen Engineering features all-hydraulic controls and a dual-roller finishing carriage for greater user friendliness. The 36-in. mainframe and finishing carriage are both powered by 25-hp engines. It has dual 60-in.-long finishing rollers, along with a hydraulic-controlled roller tamper. Additionally, the 6036 features a single drag pan with a burlap drag, and dual drag pans are optional. Power crank legs also are optional.

Multitool paver

The multipurpose tractor frame on the S600 slipform paver from Guntert & Zimmerman makes it ideal for city street, road, highway and airport paving. It also can be used for barrier walls, offset paving and zero-clearance paving. The S600 also has a working range of 8 to 22 ft, thanks to dual 7-ft telescoping sides. G&Z’s AccuSteer system allows the operator to independently rotate the tracks almost a full circle for excellent maneuverability. The SmartLeg feature lets the operator adjust the swing leg angle on the fly to avoid obstacles such as fire hydrants or runway lights.

Instant feedback

Construction workers on Iowa’s Highway 30 were able to monitor the new pavement smoothness instantly with two paver-mounted GSI units on their Gomaco GHP-2800 slipform paver. The units, mounted right behind the paving pan, give immediate data on the newly slipformed concrete to ensure maximum smoothness results. Anyone on the paving crew can watch the screen and view the real-time sensor traces. GSI incorporates both sonic and slope sensors that can take readings on up to eight traces, or four lanes, in one pass. Any irregularities are identified and their location is recorded.

No ordinary buggy

The Stone Mud Buggy SB1600 has the versatility of a walk-behind or ride-on machine. It easily moves concrete, mortar, gravel, dirt and debris around the jobsite, and the tub has been designed and contoured to control splash. A fold-up operator platform provides increased maneuverability in confined areas. All controls are ergonomically designed, including a dumping lever that provides for precise, controlled dumping. Foam-filled tires and an electric-start engine are two available options.

Meeting demands

With a paving width of nearly 200 ft, the Terex Bid-Well 4800 can meet almost any bridge-deck paving challenge. In its standard configuration, it can pave widths ranging from 8 to 198 ft. Additionally, the Rota-Vibe system delivers up to 5,000 vpm over the rollers’ length to consolidate the top 2 in. of concrete. Pivot legs allow for true vertical leg positioning when paving superelevations, and the swing leg is designed for zero-clearance paving. A fogging system also keeps concrete from drying too quickly.

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