EQUIPMENT FOCUS: Maximum value

Feb. 10, 2011

The sluggish economy is still taking its toll on all sectors of the construction industry, so milling equipment manufacturers know owners want to maximize the bang for their buck. Not surprisingly, the lineup of featured equipment is more versatile, flexible and durable.


The sluggish economy is still taking its toll on all sectors of the construction industry, so milling equipment manufacturers know owners want to maximize the bang for their buck. Not surprisingly, the lineup of featured equipment is more versatile, flexible and durable.

The Road Razor Eco, from Kennametal, has the shape and performance of an old tool with the hardness of a new one. Several machines, from cold planers to rotors, have been configured to work in both tight, urban environments and other applications. In addition, others, such as the Terex RS446C and MB crusher bucket, are designed to help cut down on fuel costs.

Conserves material

Roadtec’s RT-500 cold recycler can either deposit recycled material into a windrow, or with an optional conveyor installed it can feed directly into the paver. Depending on the size of the paver, the RT-500 is designed for a maximum throughput of about 600 tons per hour. A practical width estimate is 20 ft. Since cold in-place recycling reuses the old HMA layer, the RT-500 can help save money as well.

Industry first

The Volvo MT2000 is a four-track, front-load, half-lane milling machine powered by a 610-hp Tier III Cummins engine. It also offers three engine and drum cutting speeds that can be chosen from the operator’s panel—an industry first. Low speeds provide higher torque for powering through material or deep-cut applications, while the high-speed selection is ideal for maximum travel speeds on shallow cutting depths. It can run both 78.74- and 86.02-in. drums and features a walk-in engine compartment for easy serviceability.

Universal rotor

The BOMAG MPH 364-2 features a universal rotor that is ideal for county and municipal asphalt reclamation as well as various soil-stabilization applications. The compact rear rotor also provides greater mobility and maneuverability on full-depth reclamation projects. The 360-hp Cummins diesel engine utilizes Automatic Power Adjustment to maintain optimum cutting speeds. This extends rotor tooth life and results in consistent material gradation.

More cutting depth

With its 415-hp diesel engine and direct cutter drive, the new Terex RS446C Reclaimer/Stabilizer rivals the performance of 500-hp-class machines, while saving up to 30% on fuel costs. Maximum cutting depth has been boosted 25% to 20 in. Thanks to kingpins replacing spindles at the wheels, the machine’s turning radius has been cut nearly 50% to 14 ft. Consideration also has been given to the operator. An upgraded HVAC system creates a more comfortable cabin, and a sliding station provides visibility on both sides of the machine.

Two options

Customers have two cutting-width options with the new PM200 Cold Planer from Caterpillar. They can opt for either the standard 79-in. rotor or the new 88-in. rotor. The larger rotor increases efficiency and productivity by reducing the number of passes during applications such as mainline, high-productivity milling. The standard rotor provides greater versatility and precision. The half-lane milling machine is highly maneuverable and performs controlled, full-depth removal of asphalt and concrete pavements in a single pass.


The 6036T Tracked Conveyor, from Screen Machine Industries, features wireless remote-controlled operation. This provides quick and easy fingertip mobility and can perfectly match up to any track-mounted crusher or screening plant. A counterweighted design, combined with a heavy-duty channel frame construction, creates unequaled stockpiling capability. A hydraulic top fold head section and cylinder positioning makes jobsite-to-jobsite transportation and setup quick and effortless.

Many applications

Wirtgen’s new W 200 asphalt cold milling machine can be equipped with milling drum assemblies of 59, 79 or 87 in. The large but compact half-lane machine is powered by a 550-hp engine with three speeds for a broad range of applications. It can complete large-scale surface course rehabilitation, complete pavement removal at full depth, fine milling and others with a milling depth from 0 to 13 in. It also has several new technological features, such as the Parallel-to-Surface technology that automatically keeps the cutter housing level.

Longer performance

The Road Razor Eco, from Kennametal, cuts at faster speeds for longer. Because of a significantly lower power demand, customers can run the machine at conventional speeds to save fuel or run faster to complete the job in less time. Advanced carbide grades and higher head hardness result in less cracking and longer performance, even in the most abrasive asphalt conditions. And thanks to Kennametal’s cold-forming technology, the Road Razor Eco has the shape of a worn tool with better hardness than most new tools.

Eco-friendly crusher

MB’s crusher bucket, when used in conjunction with an excavator, can be employed at all urban work sites, including those located in tight spaces or hilly areas. This gives it an advantage in areas where it would be difficult to transport a traditional crusher to the site. It doesn’t require a separate operator, and because it can be attached to an excavator it saves fuel. The crusher bucket also cuts costs for material disposal and transport. And since it helps crush material for reuse, it is eco-friendly.

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