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August 14, 2012

Expanded line
The tractor model is the seventh and latest addition to Western Star’s 4700 line of trucks suited for a variety of applications. Options are offered for a number of features, including engines (260-470 hp), transmissions (Allison automatic, Eaton manual or Eaton UltraShift PLUS) and fifth wheel and wheelbase varieties. A set-forward or set-back day cab is available. Other new series features include lift axles, roof fairings, side extenders and Chalmers rubber spring suspension.

Atomic power
Two proprietary Komatsu systems are at the heart of the new HM400-3 articulated truck. The Komatsu Advanced Transmission with Optimum Modulation Control System (K-ATOMiCS) selects the appropriate gear automatically mostly based on vehicle and engine speed. The Komatsu Traction Control System (K-TCS) helps the tires keep their grip in even the worst ground conditions. A Tier IV Interim-certified engine keeps the truck moving. The vehicle is equipped with the KOMTRAX fleet-monitoring system for remote maintenance checks.

Easy rider
Smooth handling in all conditions is the central feature of the new DA30 articulated dump truck from Doosan. The six-cylinder, 365-hp diesel engine is 8% more powerful than its predecessor, along with a 28% increase in gross torque. A streamlined undercarriage and a lower center of gravity provide greater stability, even on an incline. The redesigned cab sports fingertip controls with a new electronics system and digital display, keeping the operator in complete control.

Powerful attachments
Power and maneuverability are the hallmarks of Kenworth’s T800 dump truck. A set-back front axle helps improve the payload potential as well as maneuverability. The T800 features both front and rear power takeoff (PTO) options, allowing it to operate a wide variety of attachments. Any engine within a given horsepower range is compatible with
the T800. It also accepts a variety of radiator sizes up to 1,780 sq in. Rear-axle ratings are varied as well, able to fit any desired application.

Tough under pressure
Terex focused on efficiency in its TA400 Gen 9 articulated truck, improving handling under a payload capacity of 41.9 tons. A dual retarder system, transmission retarder and exhaust brake provide superior control even in loaded, downhill hauls. An all-wheel-drive driveline, equalizing rear suspension and a four-bar trailing arm suspension system further improve handling. All six wheels  have oil-cooled wet-disc brakes. The engine is Tier IV Interim compliant and the fully automatic Allison transmission features a two-speed drop box.

Easy handling
Caterpillar focused on ease of use with the B Series of articulated trucks, which includes the 735B, 740B and 740B EJ with ejector body. Automatic traction control does the work of regulating the cross-axle and inter-axle differential locks, ensuring full six-wheel drive in any conditions while extending component life. At lower speeds, Partial Throttle Shifting improves fuel efficiency and handling. The new Color Multi-Purpose Display (CMPD) provides a wealth of information to the operator, including a live rear-view camera feed.

Smart payload detection
John Deere’s 460E articulated dump truck—the first in the E Series—features an onboard scale to monitor payload capacity. An external light bar notifies both the driver and those on the ground when the 46-ton limit has been reached. Remote notifications and measurements are possible when paired with the JDLink telematics system. Other features include an integrated tire-pressure monitoring system and an auto shutdown feature to save fuel during inactivity.

Custom made
Volvo customers can now create their own truck to fit any need with the hauler chassis as a base. The chassis has no load body or hoist cylinders, so any superstructure can be added for any application. The F Series is particularly suited, with an additional bolt-on frame extension of 47 or 67 in. available. Volvo offers the web-based Body Builder instructions tool to provide technical assistance and installation information.

Mack of all trades
Dumping, mixing and loading are just a few of the applications possible with Mack’s Granite truck, which comes in an axle-forward or axle-back configuration. The MP series of engines—specifically the MP7 and MP8—powers the vehicle, with a range of 325 to 505 hp. Handling is improved by Unixmax steel axle hubs, providing a tight turn radius and front-end swing clearance. The cab sports a Mack Co-Pilot display with real-time information on fuel economy and trip data along with detailed maintenance and fault summaries.

People’s choice
All of the improvements to the redesigned versions of Terramite’s TSS46 and TSS48 street sweepers come directly from recommendations by contractors and operators. They include a new pull-style brush with a center pivot; balanced power steering; dual-drive pedals; see-through plastic fluid tanks; and an electrohydraulic brush lock. Remaining features include a three-stage air filter system for engine protection; variable broom speed; and a 100-gal water supply for fewer refills and greater productivity.

Tandem sweeper  
The MK1 Transfer Sweeper from Broce is designed for tandem work with a truck, serving as a loading machine. It reaches a maximum height of 10 ft 6 in. and can load a truck from the front or either side thanks to conveyor articulation. The brush, auger and conveyor are all variable-speed mechanisms. Visibility and safety are enhanced with tinted safety glass inside the two-door cab. Conveyor positioning is achieved through joystick controls.

Ground-level view
The compact, low-profile Elgin Broom Badger dual-engine sweeper is designed for use on narrow city streets, thanks to a 109-in. wheelbase and tight turning radius to get around corners easier. Dual gutter brooms cover a 120-in. sweep path, which operators can monitor directly via spot mirrors and low-cut windows in the cab. A Tier IV-Interim, 59-hp Kubota diesel engine drives the sweeping system. The machine travels at highway speeds and features a dual-camera system with 7-in. color monitor for side and
rear views.

Biggest fan
A 31,000-cfm fan and the widest sweep path in the industry ensure Vacall’s AllSweep vehicle picks up the most debris. Gutter brooms and full-width nozzles also come standard on the machine, which can employ a single or dual sweeper system. Nozzles can be adjusted to avoid obstacles and then exactly replaced thanks to a new position memory feature. All vacuum and water flow adjustments are made through the AllSmartFlow CAN bus control system. Operators can monitor performance on the color LCD
display screen.

Blast of fresh air
The Model A7000 regenerative air sweeper from Schwarze expels high-velocity air down and onto the pavement at an angle. This creates a “peeling” or “knifing” effect that removes more debris than regular broom sweepers, including PM 10 fines of heavy metals, phosphates and other pollutants. All loose debris is caught up in the 14-in. suction tube and deposited in the 8.4-cu-yd hopper. Double-belted curtains on the front and rear of the sweeping head prevent excess debris from escaping.

Changing platforms
A new chassis—the Isuzu Gas cab over—distinguishes the Raptor Edge sweeper from its siblings. Nitehawk paired the new platform with the 297-hp Isuzu 6.0 gasoline engine and a six-speed automatic transmission. Also new is the Raptor Hydraulic System, allowing variable-speed sweeping for any situation. The single-engine sweeper sports a vertical digger curb broom and a high-velocity side-suction hose for enhanced productivity; the MistJet dust-suppression system keeps it running smoothly.

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