Esri’s Roads and Highways: A data integration solution designed to support highway management and more effective decision support

Sept. 26, 2012


Date:   September 26, 2012


Date:   September 26, 2012

Time:  2:00 - 3:00 PM Eastern


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This webinar will focus on a new solution designed to help Departments of Transportation and Highway Management agencies integrate data and information sources from across their organization in ways that facilitate better operational management, and provide information for better decision support. Recognizing that many agencies struggle with data integration issues because of the use of different linear measurement systems in their organizations, this geographic information system (GIS) based solution is designed to help these agencies more effectively integrate information from various siloed business areas into a common information framework. Using Esri Roads and Highways, you can seamlessly integrate roadway data from multiple linear referencing system (LRS) networks to get a comprehensive view of your roadway network for better planning, management, and maintenance. This webinar will focus on the key business reasons Departments of Transportation are adopting Roads and Highways, and the way that this GIS technology is delivering new capabilities for roadway management.

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Terry Bills, Transportation Industry Manager, Esri

Gary Waters, Transportation Practice Leader, Esri

Tom Brenneman, Transportation Pre-Sales, Esri

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