Dust Control

Road Maintenance Products February 25, 2014
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Dust emissions can cause respiratory health problems, visibility hazards, crop damage and complaints from residents and businesses. The EPA has strict open-air dust control regulations in place and companies who do not abide by the law may be struck with large fines.

Not only does PennzSuppress D reduce particles in the air, it is highly effective as a surface compacting agent. Traditional mechanical compacting methods are only partially effective and do not have a long-lasting result. PennzSuppress D increases soil strength by increasing its cohesive qualities, creating improved compaction at the surface.  After the product is applied in its diluted form, the water evaporates and the active ingredients agglomerate and bind the soil particles together. Stabilization using our product will increase load-bearing potential and long-term resilience of the area, saving you time, materials and money and enhancing productivity.  PennzSuppress D provides a long-term solution that will provide significant cost savings compared to water alone, while helping you contribute to a healthier planet. 

PennzSuppress serves clients in oil & gas, mining, agriculture, government, construction, military and other industries affected by dust and unstable soil conditions.

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