Presto’s Geoterra HDPE mats

Case Studies May 14, 2019
Dickey Stephens Ball Park in Little Rock, Ark., is home to the AA minor league Arkansas Travelers, an Anaheim Angels farm team. A combination of recent flooding in the area and the park's unprotected drainage system led to the creation of multiple sinkholes around the field. The sinkhole in the...
AHP Case of the Week

The risers are easy to install prior to paving—inlet grates are removed, the original utility frames are cleaned and the steel risers are slipped into the frame.

Case Studies
Asphalt overlays are usually routine exercises. They are important, sure, and hard to do well, but the contractors, owners and designers of these projects tend to be very experienced, and the technical challenges are well-understood. Put another way, there are not too many surprises on an overlay...
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