Denver program to boost safety of urban street spaces during COVID-19

About $47 million will fund the Safer Main Streets program

July 10, 2020
Safer Main Streets
Image: Colorado DOT

The Colorado DOT (CDOT) in partnership with the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) this week launched the Safer Main Streets program to make roads safer for all users in the COVID-19 environment.

The program starts with a call-out to local government agencies in the metro area to submit their best and most innovative solutions that would reduce fatal and serious injury crashes, support all modes of travel, and improve access and mobility for residents of all ages, incomes, and abilities. Improvements would be made on state roads and various local streets in the urban street network such as Federal Boulevard, Colfax Avenue, Colorado Boulevard, Sheridan Boulevard, and many others. 

“The Safer Main Streets program is about transforming the way you use street spaces so the public can safely reach their destinations whether you drive, walk, use a wheelchair, ride a bike, or take transit,” CDOT Executive Director Shoshana Lew said in a statement. “CDOT in collaboration with DRCOG is asking localities to submit practical, cost effective solutions that can be implemented in a reasonable time-frame. The solutions would include how these street spaces can be best used, particularly in this time of social distancing.”

CDOT and DRCOG have sent out information and an invitation for localities to submit their applications that will later be scored based on safety and accessibility goals. Project examples include sidewalks, crossings, pedestrian safety enhancements, traffic calming measures, improved lighting, and technology-driven improvements. All projects must be completed no later than summer of 2024 and earlier delivery is expected. 

About $47 million will fund the program with $9.5 million of that amount coming from DRCOG. Another $30 million is pending for improvements.


SOURCE: Colorado DOT

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