On-demand Tech Talk: Take the complexity out of your HPMS submission & reporting

Watch this new Tech Talk, as Bentley's Paul Sheedy discusses the challenges of how to assemble, aggregate and analyze data for mandated reporting, and how AssetWise transportation intelligence gateway (TIG) can simplify your reporting and data distribution responsibilities, regardless of the LRS and asset management system you use. You will see how you can take advantage of the TIG’s easy-to-use UI to automatically dynamically segment and analyze data across multiple asset types and from any transportation data source, as well as how TIG makes temporal and standard reporting easy and inexpensive. It reviews real-world examples of customers who have utilized TIG capabilities to significantly increase the efficiency of producing complex transportation reports such as HPMS, ARNOLD, MIRE and ADA, to name just a few.

Presenter: Paul Sheedy
Runtime: 39 minutes

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