Dallas green-lights new traffic management system

The new technology will improve traffic signals at intersections across the city

February 07, 2018
traffic signal systems

The city of Dallas recently signed an agreement with Ericsson, a provider of communications and Internet of Things infrastructure, to provide hardware and software upgrades for its traffic management systems.

Improvements to the traffic signal infrastructure in Dallas could pave the way toward faster responses to crashes, better timing of signals and green-light priority for bus lanes. The upgrade will allow the city to use video and other data feeds to make decisions about how to deploy resources to crashes or reroute drivers away from congested areas.

The city of Dallas has some of the worst traffic congestion in the country, costing city drivers $2.9 billion in lost time and wasted fuel.

When a section of roadway shows signs of slowing, transportation officials say video footage could zoom in on the problem and offer a window into an area that may be in need of assistance. The new technology will improve traffic signals across hundreds of intersections with sensors detecting the presence of vehicles, and the system adjusting itself in real time. The intelligent transportation system can also sync with transit systems to facilitate a bus-rapid-transit route, allowing buses to move steadily through traffic with carefully timed green lights.

The software upgrade is expected to be complete in April.


Source: Government Technology