Georgia DOT Now Planning to Replace the Talmadge Bridge

Dec. 13, 2023
Original plans included revitalizing the 1991 port bridge.

A few months ago, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) announced plans to raise the Talmadge bridge, located in the port of Savannah. Recently, GDOT announced altered plans to rebuild the bridge entirely.

“Commerce is continuing to grow here,” said Mayor Van Johnson, in a statement. “We’ve dug as far as we can safely dig so the bridge has now gotten in the way.”

The 2 mile, 185 foot tall bridge was originally built back in 1991. The Port of Savannah is currently the third busiest seaport in the United States, but Georgia Ports Authority wants business to keep thriving.

"The current height presents a navigational challenge to larger cargo ships which must maneuver beneath the bridge to reach the Port’s terminals," said GDOT spokesperson, Kyle Collins, in a statement.

The next generation of cargo ships will be significantly larger due to their fuel efficiency and overall operating costs, but these ships won’t be able to fit through the port with the current dimensions of the bridge.

According to GDOT, the added port traffic, renovating the bridge would also make it safer for residents.

“Obviously, the safety and longevity of the bridge is first and foremost with the bonus potential of us being able to support the growth of the port by allowing the larger ships to come through by raising the profile of the bridge via the new cable,” Collins told WSAV News.

It’s still unclear what the bridge will be replaced with and how much it will cost, however GDOT commissioner told WSAV News whether it’s a new bridge or even a tunnel, the department expects the cost to be upwards of $1 billion. 


Source: WSAV News