Arizona DOT Approves 25 Year Transportation Plan

Oct. 23, 2023
Department says public input played big factor in their long-range planning

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has approved a transportation plan for the next 25 years that includes improvements to infrastructure and other transportation project.

ADOT said public input was a big factor in their 2050 long-range transportation plan. Nearly 10,000 Arizonans had a say in the plan, which will serve as a blueprint for the long-term plan. The plan will include what ADOT called "priority projects" like maintaining state highways and fixing roads while investing in new projects to support growth.

Jason James, the transportation plan project manager said ADOT needs more than $231 billion to make the 2050 long-term plan possible, and ADOT’s forecasted revenue is $69 billion.

“The gap between the needs of our system and the revenue project over 25 years at approximately $162 billion that’s a huge gap. And yes inflation as you mention — along with increased construction cost index and shortage of labor, especially in the construction industry, really plays into that gap,” said James.

ADOT board members said prioritizing projects according to state and federal funding was needed as they continue to budget for the state’s transportation needs.


Source: AZfamily News