Plans Underway for New International Bridge in Texas

Oct. 19, 2023
International bridges take between seven and 10 years to be completed

With approximately 200 trucks crossing through Roma, Texas' port of entry daily, officials say they're anticipating massive growth in the coming years, and they're going to need a new bridge to meet the needs of truck drivers.

“All the commercial trucks that currently cross through our port of entry will cross; and if they require inspection they will be rerouted to the industrial park,” Roma City Manager Alejandro Barrera said, referring to the city’s upcoming industrial park that will have a secondary truck inspection station.

Despite the park being in the beginning stages of construction, Barrera says it's expected to draw even more trucks through the city.

According to Barrera, a few years ago the port of entry was averaging 15 to 20 truck crossings a day.

“We're [currently] averaging anywhere between 170 and 200 trucks a day,” Barrera said. “With the creation of the industrial park and with the creation of the secondary examination, we believe that that number can easily double."

City officials say once they hire an engineering firm, they'll start figuring out funding for the construction of a new international bridge.  

International bridges take between seven and 10 years to be completed.