Arkansas Department of Transportation Releases Their 4-Year Plan

Sept. 27, 2022
Arkansas is working on multiple projects in the next four years

The Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) released its statewide transportation improvement program (STIP), showing the next four years of transportation projects in the state. 

The plans entails for approximately 200 miles of state highway to be added or improved upon. As the department's public information officer Dave Parker explains, the plan will translate to $322 million worth of work.

"We get asked all the time, 'how do you guys come up with the projects you do?'" said Parker. "The STIP really is the backbone of everything. It's a federal requirement. So we must do this step. It's our playbook. It keeps us on schedule."

Focusing on being transparent, Parker says the plan helps figure out funding.

"We are seeing more partnering agreements with cities, you know, where they have a need, we will take care of through state and federal funds, most of the costs," said Parker. "Cities have stepped up and said, hey, we will we want to pay a portion of this. And then they ended up taking over the highway or the roadway."

"We understand that I'm like anyone else I don't like construction when it slows me down, or I have to go a different way," said Parker. "No one likes it until it's finished. But to me, construction and having projects in your area, especially in the Northwest part, Fort Smith, Springdale, Rogers, that area, that means progress, that means growth."

And while the plan is out, it is only a draft. If there's a need for change, the department invites it.

"People need to understand that, that we do want your input, it can make a difference," said Parker. "It can depend or determine whether a line of a road goes, you know, three miles that way or two miles that way. And in some cases, that means a lot."


Source: ARDOT