Missouri DOT develops tools to provide five-year road and bridge program info

Aug. 8, 2019

New document, interactive map will help explain transportation investments, project information

In an effort to better communicate how Missouri’s road and bridge revenues will be invested in the state’s infrastructure over the next five years, the Missouri DOT has created the Missouri Road and Bridge Program.

The new document is an abbreviated form of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) that was approved by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission last month. It is accompanied by a new interactive map that displays project information in a visual format by location.

“The STIP is a federally required planning document with content defined by federal regulations,” Transportation Planning Director Machelle Watkins said, in a news release. “While federal regulations specify it is a public document, it contains a large amount of complex information that is not always easy to understand for our customers and planning partners.”

The Missouri Road and Bridge Program was made to present simplified road and bridge project information that is easy to read in an effort to more effectively communicate with partners, legislators, and the public.

In addition, the map allows visitors to click on projects in locations statewide to get more information about the work planned in those areas.


SOURCE: Missouri DOT