Specialized Concrete Pavers

Dec. 28, 2000

Concrete pavers are designed to meet demands for a number of paving applications. They can be used for slipform paving streets, bridge work, parking lots, airport runways, curbs and gutters, irrigation ditches and golf cart paths to name a few. Whatever the application or type of paver used, these machines have the capabilities to pave projects with speed and precision while maintaining a focus on performance and quality. Specialized concrete pavers for construction markets need to be versatile, consistent and safe.

Concrete pavers are designed to meet demands for a number of paving applications. They can be used for slipform paving streets, bridge work, parking lots, airport runways, curbs and gutters, irrigation ditches and golf cart paths to name a few. Whatever the application or type of paver used, these machines have the capabilities to pave projects with speed and precision while maintaining a focus on performance and quality. Specialized concrete pavers for construction markets need to be versatile, consistent and safe. The size, range and type of paver are as important as the consistency in the mix, smoothness, rideability and ease of transportability.

Guntert & Zimmerman, Ripon, Calif., designed its slipform paver model S850 as a mid-size paver for paving widths which range from 12-34 ft based on company field experience and input of customers. This mid-size paver is agile enough to be set up, taken down, change widths and transport, yet has enough weight in the right places to achieve superior profilograph readings.

The pavers patented Quadra feature allows all the transport benefits of a two-track paver while providing the ride and access benefits of a four-track paver. Also, the JC extender system allows the paver traction frame to telescope from 12-34 ft without ever having to add/remove a hydraulic hose or a fixed frame section. Its narrow profile crawler tracks allows no part of the machine to extend beyond the edge of pavement more than 29 3Ú4 in.

"The paver is designed to be in a weight class of a mainline paver, but have the ease of width changes and transport of a smaller paver. It is truly a mid-size machine suitable for handling everything from lane additions and ramps to high-production highway and airport paving where smoothness must be ensured," said Ronald M. Guntert Jr., president of Guntert & Zimmerman Construction Division Inc.

Bi-directional slipform paver

Miller Formless Co. Inc. of McHenry, Ill., offers the M-8100. This bi-directional slipform paver can be used for a number of applications, which include pavement, barrier walls, curb and gutters, v-ditch, sidewalks, tunnels, dams, golf paths, bridge parapet, half-wall and sidemount paving. It can pave up to 16 ft wide in the straddle mode and up to 12 ft wide in the sidemount mode. The paver has a unique 4-track, 5-point suspension system for superior stability and control on poor grade conditions.

"The M-8100's unique 4-steerable tracks add traction and alignment precision in the forward and reverse directions," said Kurt Jensen, sales manager for Miller Formless Systems. Fully automated for operating ease, the operator performs all essential tasks from the control platform. The paver's auger mixes and elevates the concrete up to the mule hopper. The auger needs no adjusting and has no return rollers or wipers to spill grout or concrete onto bridge decks or pavement. "One of our customers, Oglesby Construction Inc., received the Ohio-Kentucky ACPA Chapter Excellence in Paving Award for a job completed with the M-8100 in 1996. This machine is regarded as one of the highest quality slipform pavers in the industry," added Jensen.

One-man slipform paver

M-B-W Inc. of Slinger, Wis., manufactures a one-man operable slipform paver for dirt or pavement applications. Available with no belts, chains, clutches or gearboxes, this machine can produce level or below grade pours for curbs, gutters, valley ribbons and sidewalks with the ability to be transported by pick-up truck or utility trailer. Able to perform like a larger machine, it can produce tight curves to a 2-ft radius and the slipform more than triples the production of hand forming. Available for a fraction of the cost of larger machines, the unit's set-up time, cleaning, maintenance and productivity offer unique advantages for cost-conscious owners. The unit's hopper system is a unique attachment that enables users to switch pouring modes from "offset" (curb only) to "between centers" (curb and gutter, valley ribbon) in minutes.

"This paver is a great tool for smaller companies because of the machine's capability to expand upon the basic unit," said Joe Angeles, advertising and sales promotion manager. "Equipped with quick-attach hoses, different sized hoppers can be quickly attached by simply removing the three bolts that hold the hopper into place. This unique capability offers owners the ability to expand upon their paving capabilities."

Modular slipform paver

Todd Fredrick, vice president of Primco Inc., was looking for a mid-range paver that was easy to transport for projects that he had scheduled throughout the state of Indiana. Fredrick said, "We needed an in-between paver. We felt like the majority of our work would be at widths of 12 to 18 ft., but we needed the capability of going out to 26 ft. Other machines were either half the weight of the Gomaco GP-2600 or had more weight with less versatility. We also liked electronics over hydraulics, and we felt we would get a better product with electronics." Fredrick chose the GP-2600 slipform paver from Gomaco, Ida Grove, Iowa, which was designed to meet demands for new and reconstruction projects such as highways, airports pavements, streets and parking lots.

This modular slipform paver features all new frame architecture, electronic over hydraulic circuitry and a broad range of paving widths from 12 ft to 18 ft 6 in. with a unique telescoping frame that extends 6 ft 6 in. on the left side. It also paves widths to 32 ft with additional frame inserts. It is available with two and four tracks to meet varying applications and contractor preference. The low-profile engine shroud for the unit provides enhanced rear visibility for the operator. This allows the operator to remain at the controls and see the entire paving operation. Designed with a hydrostatic drive system, it favors heavy-duty, over-pressure protection pumps and state-of-the-art electronic over hydraulic circuitry. The unit's network controller system on the paver is designed to be easy to use, easy to read, easy to service, reliable, cost effective and has the ability to incorporate technology available today and in the future.

Fredrick also noted how easily the GP-2600 paver transports from job to job. "We bought a new, low boy trailer that lies down on the ground so you can load from the side. We can load the paver with the mold and everything right on it and scale it so that when it walks off the truck on a job site, we have about an hour of setup and its ready to pave."

Barrier and parapet paver

Power Curbers Inc., a Salisbury, N.C.-based company, manufactures the 5700-B curb and gutter and barrier/parapet slipform machine. The unit has refinements that translate into a faster, more consistent concrete product for customers. It also forms concrete in place, using a different mold per application. In addition to its primary applications, the machine is used for concrete foundation work, irrigation ditches, risers for outdoor stadiums, golf cart paths and sidewalks.

While planning the design of the machine, engineers considered the market of the '90s, which calls for more re-construction work and higher-production subdivision work. "We also realized that contractors want a machine that will pour barrier and parapet with a minimum amount of set-up," said Dyke Messinger, president of Power Curbers Inc.

The machine features a mold offset that can be hydraulically adjusted 24 in. horizontally and 16 in. vertically, plus an additional 9 in. vertically when manually adjusted; fully enclosed auger conveyor; a trimmer which adjusts to 16 in vertically and 80 in. to the side; and a 36-in. post extension for median barrier and parapet.

Thrice as nice

Allen Concrete Pavers, Tucker, Ga., offers the 255B Triple Tube Roller Paver. This form-riding, triple-tube concrete paver features 10-in. dia. tubes, which are the largest offered on any triple tube paver. Designed for paving widths up to 36 ft, the paver features an overhead truss made of rectangular tubing, which reduces tube flex and wear. The control panel and operator platform allow for easy operation of the 32 hp Kubota diesel engine. A patented, vertically adjustable front concrete tube allows quick, accurate adjustment while a hydraulic powered steering leg allows an operator to straighten the paver on the forms. Additionally, optional front and back walkways can be added to provide work platforms for concrete vibration and other paving tasks. "Power is an important aspect that is sometimes overlooked," according to Jay Allen, vice president of Allen Concrete Pavers. "The hydraulic drive motors are directly connected to the tubes eliminating troublesome chain drives. With a 14-gal per minute dual circuit, heavy-duty hydraulic pump, the power is always where you need it."

Spud vibrator

Based in Canton, S.D., Bid-Well manufactures the 2450 paver. Equipped with a single spud vibrator, the machine's ability to pave approaches and slabs has increased. Designed with all-steel construction for strength with minimum weight, the paver has a 24 in. deep boom truss design. The paver also has automatic machine operation with automatic move-up at the end of each carriage pass and cushioned paving carriage travel reversal for smooth transitions. The unit has a 30-ft crownable span and variable insert lengths can be added to extend the paving width up to 60-ft with no extra overhead truss required. The crowning system on the paver may be changed at any hinge point or at any travel rail adjustor to rapidly crown the truss. The paving carriage is equipped with extensions so the strike-off augers, Rota-Vibe and paving rollers can be extended down a total of 15-in., in 3-in. increments. An independent hydraulic direct drive motor on each paving roller and each adjustable strike-off auger provide maximum power. These features combine to achieve a more uniform concrete surface with desired density.

"Bid-Well's 2450 bridge paver combines versatility and power to allow for a variety of paving projects and experience labor savings and a high-quality paving finish," said Jack Leaf, sales manager for Bid-Well. "The newest feature of the 2450 highlights this versatility-the spud vibrator. Equipped with a single spud vibrator which rotates at the end of each pass, the paver can consolidate flat work which includes bridge approaches, streets and other slabs."

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