Commission approves Wyoming State Transportation Improvement Plan for 2020

October 08, 2019
Transportation improvement plan 2020 Wyoming

The Wyoming Transportation Commission recently approved the State Transportation Improvement Plan for 2020.

The STIP contains a listing of highway and bridge projects, airport improvement work, capital improvement projects, and statewide communication work that the Wyoming DOT (WYDOT) tentatively expects to contract for during this fiscal year that began Oct. 1. The STIP is published annually and updates are issued quarterly.

Besides 2020 projects, the STIP includes a listing of planned transportation projects slated through 2025. It also includes a summary of pass-through federal funding for public transportation throughout the state.

According to WYDOT STIP's document, since both the nature of the projects and the funding sources are dynamic and subject to change, the STIP is inherently fluid. WYDOT utilized an extensive public involvement process for development and implementation of the STIP. When projects are identified in the planning process and proposed for inclusion in the STIP, the document is released for public review and comment.

Highway projects are listed by county and note the general character of work for the various transportation system projects. These projects include highway, transit, airports and others. The STIP is available on the WYDOT website.



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