Colorado DOT to wrap up C-470 Express Lanes project by summer 2019

The project will add two tolled express lanes westbound from I-25 to Colorado Boulevard, narrowing to one at Wadsworth Boulevard

December 10, 2018
C-470 Express Lanes project

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is expecting to complete work on the C-470 Express Lanes project along 12.5 miles of the roadway from Wadsworth Boulevard to I-25 by summer 2019.

CDOT recently held its fourth and final public presentation on the C-470 project in Highlands Ranch.

The C-470 Express Lanes project—which kicked off in late 2016—will add two tolled express lanes westbound from I-25 to Colorado Boulevard, near the South University Boulevard exit, narrowing to one from Colorado Boulevard to Wadsworth Boulevard. One express lane will be added to the eastbound stretch from Wadsworth Boulevard to I-25. The project also will see bridges and overpasses widened, curves realigned and the addition of noise walls along populated parts of the corridor.

The project is expected to save motorists upwards of 18 minutes of travel time on the roughly 12-mile stretch between I-25 and Wadsworth Boulevard during rush hour. Tolls will vary depending on traffic flow and would range up to $6 to travel the entire express-lane corridor during peak hours. The goal is to keep all motorists moving at 45 mph or faster.

Roughly 100,000 drivers use the segment of highway every day, with volumes projected to increase 40% by 2035.


Source: Highlands Ranch Herald