Colorado DOT testing smart road tech in Denver to improve traffic, safety

The newly implemented tech is part of the agency’s RoadX program

September 04, 2018
smart road technology

This week, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) will test out a new technology placed inside the pavement along Brighton Boulevard in Denver to measure the speed of cars traveling over that stretch of road.

This is an example of the agency’s RoadX program, a combination of new methods to improve driving on Colorado roadways and better educate drivers using those roadways. The use of “Smart Roads” will implement a technology designed by Integrated Roadways based in Kansas City. The smart pavement technology could charge an electronic car or send an internet connection to a vehicle. But CDOT plans to use it for data of cars moving on the road with the potential to use it for other services in the future.

The pieces of pavement are made in advance with the equipment needed to connect with cars or measure the vehicle’s movements. Each portion is placed one after another when it is installed. CDOT will test out about a mile near Brighton and 38th Avenue for a month.

The testing in Denver will determine if more of the concept can be used along Red Hill Pass on U.S. 285. CDOT says it is an example of the interest from outside companies and the advancements being made locally to improve the experience on the road for all drivers.


Source: KCNC-TV