Coalition urges bipartisan Congressional leadership on autonomous vehicles

Letter urges Congress to support legislation that will advance U.S. leadership in the deployment of automated vehicles

February 16, 2021 / 1 minute read
automated vehicles

The Coalition for Future Mobility (CFM) recently sent a letter urging Congress to support legislation that will advance U.S. leadership in the safe development and deployment of automated vehicles (AVs).

Noting that the nation is “a global leader in the development of these potentially life-saving technologies.” CFM asserted that “the U.S. is at the forefront of innovations that will transform transportation. As we approach a pivotal moment in the evolution of this technology, we have an opportunity to work collaboratively and chart a course that sustains U.S. leadership and innovation of these critical safety and mobility solutions for decades to come.”

The letter continued, “Building on prior bipartisan support for AV legislation in both chambers, our Coalition encourages you and your colleagues to redouble efforts to move forward with thoughtful legislation to help improve safety; provide a technology-neutral path forward to invest and innovate; affirm existing roles and maintain the balance between federal-state-local authorities; and reinforce the critical role of U.S. leadership in the development and deployment of AV technologies.”

The coalition says that without bipartisan support for advancing these technologies, the U.S. risks falling behind in providing Americans a safer, more environmentally friendly, accessible, and equitable future in transportation.

“Other countries are moving forward with AV policies, and the U.S.—home of self-driving technology—should not allow itself to lose its leadership position. Our Coalition members stand ready to work with you to make this important legislation a reality,” the letter concluded.

CFM is a diverse coalition of 45 groups and companies representing automakers, suppliers, tech companies, state and local governments, and advocates for seniors, veterans, and persons with disabilities. While these organizations and companies advocate individually for their agendas, CFM was created in 2017 through their collective interest in a federal framework that allows for the safe development and deployment of AVs in the U.S.


SOURCE: Coalition for Future Mobility

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