Cargill & Rap Management Webinar

Now On Demand

This virtual event was originally held September 29, 2020. All five sessions from the event, as well as the live Q&A that followed, are available to view individually here:

  1. Breaking the RAP Ceiling - Part 1: High RAP Mixes
  2. Breaking the RAP Ceiling - Part 2: Making Old Like New Again
  3. Breaking the RAP Ceiling - Part 3: What It Means to Produce High RAP Mixes
  4. Breaking the RAP Ceiling - Part 4: Testing for Performance
  5. Breaking the RAP Ceiling - Part 5: A High RAP Success in Columbus, Ohio
  6. Breaking the RAP Ceiling: Audience Q&A

About the Event

Join Roads & Bridges Media for a unique, interactive online event bringing together leading industry experts in recycled asphalt pavement (RAP), featuring:

  • RAP Management (Columbus, OH) with a national reputation for high RAP success;
  • City Leaders from Columbus, OH reporting on regional roadway projects;
  • Cargill Anova® Asphalt Solutions team members with its bio-based asphalt rejuvenator technology; and
  • National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) Test Track Manager

During this event, including panel discussions, case studies and on-site, int the field footage, presenters will share the latest trends and data showing how higher RAP applications can still exceed performance goals while delivering significant cost savings.

Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) has been growing in popularity and use around the globe for years. The cost benefits, performance and ability to make a positive impact on the environment are being recognized by DOTs and other road owners everywhere with proven results. Still, many in the industry are not aware that these benefits can be achieved (and even more so) by moving to mixes consistently as high as 60% RAP.

Timely, topical and tailored to the Roads & Bridges audience, this insight is particularly useful given today's funding challenges as spec expectations that have contractors, DOTs and other road owners consistently looking for alternative ways to stretch construction budgets.

Viewers will benefit from need-to-know information presented on these key areas:

  • Peeling Back the Layers of Recycled Asphalt Pavement: What is it? How is it used? How does it function at higher levels?
  • Finding the Right Mix: Identify the best rejuvenator for your RAP mixes
  • Taking RAP to the Next Level: Successfully produce high-performance mixes beyond the traditional 20% RAP average to consistent levels of 40%, 50%, 60% RAP and beyond
  • Where the Rubber Hits the Road: High RAP project case studies from RAP Management, LLC, and the City of Columbus, Ohio

Event Speakers

Don't miss an opportunity to hear from these speakers during the session, to be moderated by Roads & Bridges Media Senior Managing Editor, Brian Budzynski:

Ryan Smith

Chief Executive Officer, RAP Management

Ryan grew up in the asphalt industry, working various jobs in his father's paving and manufacturing company before he even went to collage. Ryan was sure there was a better way to dispose of road millings than dumping them in a storage pile or landfill, and pursued his degree in mechanical and systems engineering to find it. Today, as founder and CEO of RAP Management in Columbus, Ohio, Ryan produces high-quality, high-RAP mixes that are not only sustainable, but cost effective. These performance-designed mixes produce roads that are built to last - without sacrificing quality or profit.

Raymond ("Buzz") Powell, Ph.D.

Associate Director and Test Track Manager National Center for Asphalt Technology at Auburn University

Buzz earned a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at Auburn University with an emphases in pavements and geomaterials. He worked for 12 years with the Alabama DOT in pavement testing, pavement management, construction testing, pavement research, as well as materials characterization. He worked for 2 years in private practice consulting in highway construction, with a focus on testing pavements for quality control and quality assurance. He became NCAT's Test Track Manager in 1999. He has now been responsible for building/rebuilding the NCAT Pavement Test Track 7 times and safely applying over 68 million ESALs of pavement damage to hundreds of experimental pavements. He became an Associate Director at NCAT in 2020.

Hassan Tabatabaee, Ph.D.

Global Technology Manager - Asphalt Solutions, Cargill

Dr. Tabatabaee is the Global Technology Manager for Asphalt Solutions at Cargill's Bioindustrial Group, a multinational producer of specialty chemicals for bituminous paving and emulsion systems. He has a PhD degree in Bituminous Materials and Engineering, and MS and BS degrees in Civil Engineering. His publications and patents focus on bitumen chemistry, rheological and analytical characterization, and micromechanical models for bitumen distress mechanisms, aging, recycling, and rejuvenation.

Dr. Tabatabaee has contributed to state and federal research projects on various aspects of pavement materials, specifications, and engineering, including the FHWA Asphalt Research Consortium. He is the Principal Investigator for the NRRA Innovation Project on use of rejuvenators in Cold-in-Place Recycling; and a co-PI on the NRRA Innovation Project on Bitumen Compatibility, led by the University of New Hampshire.