Caltrans successfully delivers 100% of transportation projects on time

Total of 286 projects valued at $2.3 billion

News Caltrans July 20, 2007
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The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) announced yesterday the accomplishment of a goal set at the beginning of the 2006-07 fiscal year of delivering 100% of its scheduled transportation projects on time.

All 286 projects, valued at $2.3 billion, are now at the “ready to list” stage, the point at which they are ready to attract bids from contractors.

Caltrans Director Will Kempton says the achievement sends a strong signal that the department is prepared to handle the tidal wave of new transportation projects expected as the result of voter approval in November 2006 of Proposition 1B, a $19.9 billion transportation bond.

“Caltrans is working hard to change from a transportation bureaucracy to a mobility company, and one of our biggest achievements has been to accelerate the delivery of transportation projects,” Kempton said. “Projects are going from the drawing board into actual construction faster than ever.”

Upon setting the goal of delivering the 286 projects on time, all 12 of Caltrans’ district directors had signed “Contracts for Delivery” with Kempton, pledging to meet the deadlines.

In the previous fiscal year, Caltrans delivered 173 of 174 projects, worth $2 billion.

A complete list of all 286 projects delivered in fiscal year 2006-07 can be found at: http://www.caltrans

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