CALSTART's "California 2020" Conference

News CALSTART December 01, 2004
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Secretary Terry Tamminen delivered the keynote address, outlining Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's vision for California's transportation energy path for the next two decades, on Thursday, Dec. 2, at CALSTART's "2020: California's Transportation Energy Future" conference.

Tamminen addressed the conference via a video link from Sacramento. He discussed the state's "2020" goals of reducing petroleum consumption by 15 percent while increasing alternative fuel use to 20 percent by the year 2020. This includes reviewing the technologies and approaches the Administration views as the most viable over the next two decades, and a realistic assessment as to whether or not California - with the largest vehicle population in the U.S. - can achieve the reduction goals.

Since his appointment as CalEPA secretary, and now cabinet secretary, Tamminen has helped shape the Governor's environmental and transportation agenda, guiding Schwarzenegger's technology-oriented programs such as the California Hydrogen Highway and support of the landmark AB 1493 global warming reduction bill.

Following Tamminen were presentations on California's transportation energy future by leading political, industry and academic specialists, including:

- Dr. S.M. Shahed, Vice President, Advanced Technology for Honeywell Turbo Technologies and former President of the Society of Automotive Engineers, who discussed "Near Term Solutions for Significantly Improving Fuel Economy."

- Peter C. Frumhoff, Global Environment Program Director and Senior Scientist, Union of Concerned Scientists, who discussed "The Effect on California from Global Warming."

- James D. Boyd, commissioner with the California Energy Commission, who discussed "The Findings and Recommendations of the CEC/ARB Joint Report on California Petroleum Reduction Techniques."

- California Assemblywoman and state Senator-elect Christine Kehoe, who discussed "AB 1468 and Future Legislation to Address California's Transportation Needs."

- John DeCicco, Senior Fellow, Environmental Defense, who discussed "A New Framework for Managing Oil Consumption."

- Many other industry and policy experts.

The single-day CALSTART "2020: California's Transportation Energy Future" conference focused on finding solutions to achieve the state's goal of significantly reducing petroleum consumption and increasing the use of alternative fuels by 2020. The conference was a dynamic gathering of distinguished policy makers, politicians, advocates, academics, industry representatives, and others who explored ways to achieve California's transportation energy goals as spelled out in 2004 by the California Air Resources Board and California Energy Commission.

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