BTS releases <i>Pocket Guide to Transportation 2008</i>

Guide provides quick reference to informative transportation data

News U.S. DOT January 14, 2008
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The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), a part of the Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA), has published the Pocket Guide to Transportation 2008–a 50-page quick reference guide to informative transportation data. The eleventh annual Pocket Guide covers data on the transportation system, transportation safety and security, mobility, transportation and the economy, and transportation and the environment. To order a copy of the Pocket Guide to Transportation 2008, contact BTS by phone at 202/366-DATA, by e-mail at [email protected] or by mail sent to Product Orders, RITA/Bureau of Transportation Statistics, USDOT, 1200 New Jersey Ave., S.E., Room E36-109, Washington, DC 20590. This free guide can also be obtained by going to the BTS website at and ordering copies using the “Products” link.

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