FHWA monitoring storm, flood damage to roads and bridges in Midwest

May 31, 2019

Record-setting storms and flooding have resulted in dozens of closures

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is continuing to monitor and assist states with responding to flood and storm-damaged roads and bridges in the Midwest.

According to a release from the FHWA, record-setting storms and flooding this season have resulted in the closures of dozens of road and bridge structures along the nation's highway system throughout the Midwest—including Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska.

The FHWA says it is working with state DOTs across multiple affected areas, and is ready to assist with emergency relief needs if necessary—including funding, detour routes, and technical assistance for repairs.

Damages to roads and bridges caused by recent storms and flooding over the first half of this year have been costlier than usual for the FHWA, as the agency has directed $54.9 million in quick-release funding to help states make repairs in 2019 alone. This is around three times higher compared to the $19.8 million awarded during the same period last year, according to FHWA.

Every year, the agency helps provide millions of dollars in quick-release funding to assist state repairs deemed essential to restore traffic in key areas impacted by flooding and to prevent further damage at severely impacted locations.