Tennessee DOT Pauses Work to Chattanooga Bridges

May 16, 2024
Officials have not released a timeline for reopening

Part of the massive project to modify sections of Interstate 24 and Interstate 75 intersect in Chattanooga, Tenn. has been put on hold.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) announced the closure this week, citing “unforeseen circumstances” as the cause.

The closure involves two concrete beams on the South Moore Road Bridge and three concrete beams on the McBrien Road bridge over I-24.

Those bridges are part of the Phase II project to improve traffic conditions near the I-24/I-75 split.

Rae Ann Bradley, TDOT spokeswoman, tells us the concrete beams did not meet the requirements they spelled out in their contract with Wright Brothers Construction Company.

“Wright Brothers has been aware of the fact that five pre-cast beams used in the construction on the South Moore Road and McBrien Road Bridges (two on S. Moore Road Bridge, three on McBrien Road Bridge) did not meet our engineering standards and expectations,” said a spokesperson for Wright Brothers in a statement. “After this discovery, made in January, we promptly contacted the TDOT to report these findings. Since that date, we have been working diligently with the department to come to a solution that will have minimal impact on budget and the traveling public.

“After much discussion with the department, we have come to a consensus on a plan that will meet these expectations. This plan will replace the five beams and proceed with the concrete deck placement. There will be no alterations to the overall timeline on the project.”

That company will be responsible for replacing the deficient beams and all extra work, at no additional cost to TDOT.

“Every contract TDOT enters into contains a thorough outline of standard specifications that clearly define our expectations for the project,” said Bradley. “In addition, TDOT has a rigorous quality control process. Every aspect of all projects undergoes constant testing and inspection by both our own internal experts and/or consultants. This discovery is a direct result of those safeguards working exactly as they should. TDOT intends to fully enforce the terms of the contract.”

We've asked Wright Brothers if that means the bridges will out of commission longer than the original year plan.

TDOT's Rae Ann Bradley says the 2 bridges at South Moore Road and McBrien Road were originally scheduled to open to traffic by late summer of this year. She says TDOT is "still working to understand how this discovery will affect that timeline."

Bradley says work was last done on the bridges in mid-February. She adds that the overall Phase II project was 40% completed as of April.

According to Bradley, Wright Brothers is casting the three new beams for the McBrien Road bridge this week, and that the two new beams for the South Moore Road exit will come after that.


Source: News Channel 9, CalverCity.gov

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