Mother Nature Delays Work to a Vermont Bridge

July 11, 2023
Large amounts of rain set the bridge project back.

A low-lying temporary bridge meant to be used for constructing a new permanent structure in Hartford Village, Vermont was submerged by water on Monday, causing delays for the project.

Workers were forced to watch on as water from the White River rose over the bridge, temporarily submerging it.

Piers were scheduled to be poured this week for the $24 million, 559-ft span that would connect Route 14 and Mill Road by bringing VA Cutoff Road high above the river, according to Notts Excavating operator Tom Smith, who stood in the rain with other workers who were watching from the village side.

The incident has caused building plans to change.

“That was the plan, but Mother Nature changed it,” Smith told VTdigger.

The water was 18 to 20 inches below the deck in the morning, according to Smith, and quickly rose at the 9 o’clock hour before washing over the bridge before 10 a.m.

The project that is intended to realign the bridge started in April. A detour installed last week on Route 14 was meant to last 60 days. The bridge is slated for completion in 2025.

Smith told VTdigger that it is hard to know how far Monday’s rain would set the project back.  

“It’s gonna set them back a while,” he said.