BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION: New Kosciuszko Bridge span open to drivers this week in New York

The first line of traffic is expected to cross the $555 million span of the bridge on Thursday

April 26, 2017
Kosciuszko Bridge
Kosciuszko Bridge

The first span of a project to replace the Kosciuszko Bridge is opening to New York City drivers this week, with the first traffic expected to cross Thursday.

The first phase of the bridge cost $555 million and will temporarily allow for three lanes of traffic in each direction. Ultimately, the span is expected to accommodate 180,000 cars per day. By comparison, the original bridge, opened in 1939, was built for only 10,000.

The second phase of the bridge will be ready in 2020, but the old bridge has to be imploded first. Some sections are scheduled to be demolished this summer. The new span will eventually offer a bike and pedestrian lane, as well as shoulders for emergencies, and will also be more viable for trucks as the incline won't be as steep.

Initially, traffic will go in both directions until the construction of the second span is complete.

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