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BGFMA…this next generation Bridge Grid Flooring Manufacturers Association industry group is comprised of companies who fabricate steel grid deck systems for bridges and other companies with an interest in this market. Building on the near-100-year service history of filled grid systems, this expanded professional organization is focused on the reliable development and application of open grid, grid reinforced concrete, and Exodermic® bridge decks to meet the demands of the engineering community and traveling public.

BGFMA Mission

Steel grid bridge decks are time-tested, economical solutions for new or rehabilitated structures. The role of BGFMA is to promote the use of these decks through data collection, research/development and education. BGFMA will focus its efforts on demonstrating to owners and engineers the following advantages of steel grid bridge deck systems:

  • Lightweight
  • Quick/Efficient Installation
  • Long-Term Performance
  • Lower Life-Cycle Cost