Backhoe loaders back

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Komatsu America Corp. has recently introduced two new backhoe loaders: the WB156-5 and the WB156PS-5. The machines are equipped with Tier 2 engines and feature operating weights between 16,530 and 18,780 lb and loader-bucket options up to 1.5 cu yd. These new models, in the 15-ft backhoe class, are the big brothers of the WB146-5 and WB146PS-5 introduced earlier this year.

The WB156-5 gets its power and fuel economy from a turbo-charged Komatsu engine with 95 net hp. Komatsu’s exclusive HydrauMind load-sensing, closed-center hydraulic system provides high flow, precise control, high breakout forces and great fuel economy. The standard backhoe control pattern change valve allows the operator to choose either backhoe-style or excavator-style control pattern. Because the operator is working with a familiar control pattern, he can be more productive, precise and safe. The drivetrain includes a four-speed synchroshuttle transmission with standard four-wheel drive and high-floatation tires for greater traction in soft soil. The WB156PS-5 includes a full PowerShift transmission with built-in twist grip gear control, auto-shift and kick-down functions.

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