No. 9 - The New Dresbach Bridge

Jan. 2, 2017

Despite the two cities it connected, the New Dresbach Bridge was not getting any la-la-la responses. The bridge was built in sensitive environmental areas during harsh winter conditions, all while achieving a new record concrete main span length (508 ft) for Minnesota. It met or exceeded all of the Minnesota DOT’s project constraints, criteria and goals, and was built rapidly. Construction was kept to the smallest footprint to protect the environment. To accelerate construction, the bridge was built in four directions at once in balanced cantilever. The contractor kept the project on schedule despite heavy spring flooding.

Location: LaCrescent, Minn.; LaCrosse, Wis.

Cost: $81.5 million

Length: 2,592 ft 7 in.

Designer: FIGG Bridge Engineers Inc.

Contractor: Ames Construction

Owner: Minnesota DOT