Caterpillar 303E

Dec. 8, 2016

The 303E allows you to easily reposition within a confined space and increase your overall productivity. Proficient movement is enhanced as a result of the limited tailswing and swing boom design.

With an operating weight of 3200 kg (7,055 lb) and width of 1550 mm (60 in) the 303E is simple to load and position on a trailer with tie down points – getting you to the job site quicker.

Powered by the C1.3 engine, the 303E offers the performance and power required for your job with minimal fuel consumption.

The 303E is ready to work. Hammer and two way lines with quick disconnect fittings are standard on every machine.

The quick disconnects are located close to the tool to reduce hose length and decrease owning and operating costs associated with hose replacement.

Hose routings provide superior protection and cylinder guards decrease opportunity for machine damage.

The machine is configured with brackets and relief valves for simple and cost effective mounting of a hydraulic thumb.

The durable blade and dozer float function provide the required design and capability to increase overall efficiency. Ground leveling and finishing applications are fast and easy with a single lever controlling all blade operation – up, down and float.

The adjustable suspension seat, retractable seat belt and adjustable wrist rests allow you to customize the operating station to meet your needs. Ergonomically designed joystick control and travel levers reduce fatigue and improve productivity.

An easy to use pattern control selector and informative gauge panel ensure optimal operation.

Cat Interlock System aids in job site safety. When the hydraulic lockout lever is in the up position no operational function is possible – including travel.

Travel alarm as standard safety offering. An audible alarm alerts job site operators of machine travel (optional in Europe).

ROPS/TOPS/TOP GUARD certification ensures the machine is prepared to protect you.