Kelly-Creswell WV3-AL

Dec. 8, 2016

The Kelly-Creswell WV3-AL is a self contained, simultaneous center & edge line striping machine offering speed and performance for municipal & highway striping.

Sizes from 120 gallon thru 700 gallon total paint capacity.

Heavy-duty outriggers with UMHW wear strips that never need lubrication with a full 48" of travel.

Rugged gun carriages with pneumatic lift with auto transport lock keeping operators out of harms way.

8.6 or 12.9 GPM hydraulic powered airless paint pumps.

KC-700 spray guns, KC-600 or Nightliner bead guns.

Let us engineer a striper to meet your specific requirements.

Operate one and you will understand why Kelly-Creswell is the name that has defined striping since 1937.