Vista by Viewpoint

Dec. 7, 2016

Fully integrated. Scalable. Configurable. Featuring solutions for Accounting/HR, Project Management, Project Collaboration, Mobile, Estimating, Content Management and Service Management, Vista scales easily, integrates with many third-party software products and provides timely reporting of critical data.

Features of Vista

Accounting and HR
Automatically capture the data from operations and feed into a single database where real-time reporting shows exactly how your business is performing. Experience one-step, industry-standard progress billings with flexible T&M billing rules, powerful cost projections and a W.I.P. reporting system. Plus, track employee data – training, skills, awards, safety history, reviews, etc. and utilize comprehensive regulatory reporting – EEO, DOT, Certified, OSHA, etc.

Project Management and Operations
Role-based management of all aspects of the project lifecycle. Improve operational efficiencies, streamline processes and eliminate double entry leading to more profitable projects. Improve information flow between departments and project team members through comprehensive integration with accounting using real-world workflows.

Resource Management
Gain real-time visibility into resources needed, what’s available, where they are located and the ability to reschedule those resources accordingly. Ensure the best utilization of resources across jobs to deliver projects on schedule and under budget. Move away from spreadsheets and into a centralized scheduling system.

Service Management
Maintain a profit while growing your service business. With Viewpoint Service Agreements you can stay on top of maintenance work, streamline tracking on equipment maintenance, facilitate renewals and simplify your billing process.

Field Management
Designed for field employees to easily enter crew or their own time; record equipment hours, and quickly and accurately enter and track production hours and units on smart phones and tablets. The seamless integration with Vista Payroll eliminates paperwork and time intensive re-keying of data.

Enterprise Content Management
Vista includes a scalable enterprise content management solution that reduces costs and overhead by automating workflows as well as document capture, indexing, and archiving – minimizing the challenges associated with paper-based and electronic-based content and their processes.

Productivity and Analysis
Flexible reports, professional financial statements and graphical dashboards work seamlessly to translate data into knowledge to improve job and company profitability.

Viewpoint For Estimating is designed for specialty contractors in the Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC and Mechanical fields. Estimating provides increased speed and accuracy throughout your bidding process so you save time on paperwork, and achieve greater overall efficiency and cost savings.

Project Collaboration
Every major project relies on a complex network of architects, consultants, project managers, contractors and sub-contractors. In order for success and profitability, organized collaboration between all the parties must occur in an integrated manner. Drawings, documents, email, and contracts need to be shared quickly among all stakeholders, and the most effective way to accomplish that is with integrated project collaboration software.

Cloud or On-Premises Deployment
Viewpoint provides on-premises or cloud deployment options for Vista by Viewpoint.

Vista can be deployed on-premises enabling you to maintain complete control over your environment with your IT staff and your own hardware.

Vista can also be deployed in the cloud through our partner CloudJumper. With a robust and scalable platform CloudJumper provides a workspace as a service (WaaS) platform –giving you the ability to virtualize your desktop by providing access to Vista from anywhere at any time.

Cloud deployment eliminates risk by having Vista managed and protected by CloudJumper, eliminating the burden and worries of managing your software performance, allowing you to focus exclusively on your core business — construction.