No. 7 - Hulton Bridge Replacement

Jan. 4, 2016

The Hulton has a history of providing access to major regional transportation connections that include S.R. 28 and 910 interchanges and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The new bridge, comprised of a 100-ft single span over the Norfolk Southern Railroad and a four-span continuous steel-haunched girder section over the Allegheny, was built as a result of increased traffic congestion and bridge deterioration on the previous structure. Consisting of four 11-ft lanes, two 6-ft shoulders and a 4-ft median, the project faced navigational channel restrictions during construction, which were solved with a strand-jacking erection technique. 

Location: Oakmont, Pa.

Cost: $65 million

Length: 1,633 ft

Designer: Gannett Fleming

Contractor: Brayman Construction Corp.

Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Engineering District 11