Schwarze M6 Avalanche

Dec. 7, 2016

5 Cubic Yard Mechanical Broom Street Sweeper

  • Easy Change Conveyer System
  • Central Located Control Components
  • Illuminated Hopper Interior
  • Micron Water Filter System


We are dedicated to satisfying our customers by providing the most advanced training for their specific needs. Our training programs are designed to help operators of all skill levels learn the best operating practices for their Schwarze equipment.


There is a lot riding on creating solutions that are suited to the particular needs of different industry applications. Innovation often involves high technology, but doesn’t always have to be. Some of our best ideas have been simple, based on a clear and deep understanding of our customers’ working lives.


In a Schwarze product, end user concerns like fuel efficiency, serviceability, durability, purchase cost, service cost, etc. are all taken into account. We also consider the needs and strive for ease of use and application optimization. It should be obvious, because when it comes to cost of ownership, quality pays.


No other name speaks safety louder than Schwarze. Protecting operators, those around them, and minimizing our environmental impact are traditional values that continue to shape our product design philosophy.


Being a Schwarze customer means having a complete set of services at your fingertips. Schwarze can offer you a long-term relationship, protect your revenue and provide a full range of customer solutions, delivered by passionate people. At Schwarze, we don’t see effective service and support just as an added value to your purchase, but as an integral part of it.