Husqvarna FS 8400 D

Oct. 14, 2011
The same two Airport projects call for balance
Working on multiple projects at the same time is part of any contractor’s business. This is how business is done and how profits are made. Handling the stresses associated with ensuring the right equipment and work force is at the right job to finish the project in the appropriate amount of time can become a balancing act. Not every project goes according to plan, and knowing how to adjust equipment and other resources throughout a project can mean the difference between finishing ahead of schedule or falling behind. Aggregate Technologies (www?-.aggregatetechnologies? based out of Houston is a diversified contractor with projects ranging from wire sawing and demolition to road repairs and core drilling. Aggregate Technologies normally has several projects in the works at a time and knows how to handle moving resources from different sites to ensure the appropriate equipment is available. However, when multiple projects use the same equipment, it is a necessity to use equipment that is not only right for the job but also will perform efficiently and produce the best result. Two airport projects that Aggregate Technologies undertook involved the use of the same equipment and happened to take place during the same time period. The projects involved full runway repairs at two of Houston’s busy airports. When combining both airport projects, 40,000-50,000 lineal feet of 24-in.-thick concrete needed to be removed. Ronnie Wills, president of Aggregate Technologies, knew that to meet the customer’s specified deadline, his team would have to use their equipment to its full potential. The Aggregate Technologies team started the project with approximately 4-5 flat saws and operators at each site. However, the flat saws were not producing as high a production rate as needed to be able to complete the projects in time. This caused Aggregate Technologies to look for other saw options. After reviewing several flat saws, Wills decided to try out the Husqvarna FS 8400 D. The FS 8400 D is one of the most powerful flat saws in its range, and Wills hoped it was the answer to help finish the projects. At the jobsite the flat saw outperformed the previous saws used with increased production rates and deep-sawing capabilities, prompting Wills’ decision that only two FS 8400 Ds were needed for the job. This cut down on the amount of equipment, work force and time needed to complete each airport jobsite. Aggregate Technologies was able to finish its projects ahead of schedule and impress its customer.

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